Studying and Applying the Theories of Douglas Engelbart  



EdNIC Participants

Dr. Douglas Engelbart
Visionary and EdNIC project leader Bootstrap Institute

Valerie Landau
EdNIC Coordinator
California State University, Monterey Bay

Angie Cooksie
Indiana University East

Dr. Jamie Dinkelacker
The Sunarcher Organization

Eileen Clegg
Visual Insight

Dr. Robert Stephenson
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

Dorai Thodla

Dr. Eric Duval
International Association of Science and Technology for Development

Dr. James Whitehead
University of California, Santa Cruz

Dr. Brian Fisher
University of British Columbia

Project Collaborators

Jack Park

Regan Caruthers

David & Jeanine Gendron

Diane Dobson

Harvey Lehtman

Eugene Kim

Hew Crane

Charles Irby

Mei Lin Fung

Bill English

Howard Rheingold

California State University, Monterey Bay:
Jeff McCall
Carolyn Sabin
Dr. Eric Tao
Dr. John Ittelson
Dr. Arlene Krebs
Jeanie Wells

Bill Daul


The Open University

Institute for the Future

CSU, Monterey Bay Student Participants:

Gerardo Avila
Aimee Babb
Teresa Barsanti
Kathleen Biersteker
Tommy Coloma
Daniel Delacruz
Denise Gant
Matt Lussier
Julian McAlister
Fredrick Josh Warren
Rebecca Sheranian
Charles Chuck Spidell.

Thank you to all the following industry leaders who supported the EDNIC experiment and its presentations.


Welcome to the Engelbart Educational Networked Improvement Community portfolio. In 2003 Dr. Douglas Engelbart invited Angie Cooksie from Indiana University East, and Valerie Landau from California State University Monterey Bay to form an experimental Educational Networked Improvement Community (EdNIC) to study and apply Dr. Engelbart 'theoretical framework of the simultaneous co-evolution of human organizations and tool systems to augment the collective capability.


The EdNIC is made up of scholars, students, and industry professionals who collaborate via the Internet, video conferences, and face2face. Our goal is to collaborate to increase our capability to solve problems.

This portfolio documents some of the results generated by the EdNIC and the work created by California State University, Monterey Bay students from 2004 to 2006.


Student Projects


"How did Doug Engelbart influence your work?" A CSUMB film crew led by Associate Professor Valerie Landau asked this question of several Silicon Valley pioneers and scholars at Doug Engelbart's 80th birthday party reunion held at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in January 2005. This project archives and transcribes those interviews.

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Project Specs
Lead Designer CSUMB Student Rebecca Sheranian




Engelbart Student Projects Showcase This project re-purposes the Video Archive above and highlights some of the exemplary projects created by CSUMB students who participated in a series of courses dedicated to studying Engelbart's theories.

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Lead Designer CSUMB Student Rebecca Sheranian

  Student Archive

Douglas Engelbart 2004 Augment Demo, A Photo Essay that chronicles a demonstration given by Dr. Douglas Engelbart of the 'AUGMENT SYSTEM' to the CSUMB students in the Fall 2004. 1968 Engelbart and his team at SRI demonstrated a the Augment/NLS system that became known as the 'Mother of all Demos'.

View Photo Essay by CSUMB student Charles Spidell

"Engelbart, An Invitation to Innovation" is a historical timeline showcasing fifty years of Dr. Engelbart's accomplishments. The timeline can be explored interactively or as narrated slide show about Dr. Engelbart.

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Lead Designer Teresa Barsanti

  Engelbart Timeline


Research and Development in the Engelbart Paradigm' Indiana University East and California State University take a small step toward forming an Educational Networked Improvement Community (EdNIC) by collaborating online to explore Engelbart’s vision for humanity and technology. An EdNIC is a key Engelbart concept.
Research and Development in the Engelbart paradigm: PowerPoint Presentation

Indiana University East Press Release

Engelbart Collaboratory on OpenCourse



landau ppt


OpenCourse, used to create virtual communities for the purpose of information sharing. Designed and created by Dorai Thodla and Robert Stephenson. CSUMB students documented their experience using OpenCourse.

Engelbart EdNIC Wiki on OpenCourse


NextNow, a Silicon Valley organization of professionals and scholars who explore the potential of technology. In the spring of 2005 NextNow invited Valerie Landau to bring her CSUMB students to a meeting with Dr. Douglas Engelbart at his home. Many leaders of Silicon Valley organizations participated in the meeting to strategize on how to best articulate and disseminate the Engelbart vision.

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FlashMeeting Video conferences, Doug Engelbart and a global community of scholars and technologists collaborated online to discuss the Engelbart Hypothesis and Dynamic Knowledge Repositories (DKRs). In a series of video conferences coordinated by the EdNIC collaborators we conducted web based video conferencing with software inspired by Engelbart, FlashMeeting.

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