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Portfolio Highlights

Combining creativity and technology

oscar nominations
Academy Award winners

grammy nominations
Four Grammy Album Nominations

codie award winning software
Codie Award Winning Games

cannes film festival awards
Cannes Film Festival Winners


Round World Media's film, music, video , and multimedia production talent have earned the most prestigious awards in the industry.

We work with a close-knit network of the top  independent cultural creatives and leading technologists to create digital alchemy.

Video, Film, Music Awards and Software Awards:

  • Academy Award winners

  • Four Grammy Album Nominations

  • Codie Award Winning Games

  • Cannes Film Festival Winners

  • Online Pioneer Award, for online education

  • Parents Choice Award

  • Codie Awards

  • Prototypes for interactive TV for WGBH Boston and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Writing and Publications

  • Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best Non-Fiction

  • George F. Polk Award for Journalism

  • Hugh Hefner First Amendment Award

  • Letelier-Moffit Award

  • Bernardo O'Higgins Award

Books by Round World Media Founder, Valerie Landau
The Engelbart Hypothesis: Dialogs with Douglas Engelbart

"We are at a decision crossroads. And as this book vividly demonstrates, Doug Engelbart as been there all along, waiting for us with the answer."
Historian James Burke, Author of Connections

Developing an Effective Online Course Online
Paperback work book from Amazon

Developing An Effective Online Course by Round World Media Founder, Valerie Landau

Peru Blue, Grammy Nominee
Peru Blue, Nominated for Grammy Award

Silicon Valley Boomtown, on permenent exhibit at the Smithsonian
Silicon Valley Boomtoomtown, on permanent exhibit a the Smithsonian

New book by Round World Media founder, Valerie Landau, The Engelbart Hyptohesis

Round World Media combines creativity and technology
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