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Portfolio Highlights

Round World Media Team

oscar nominations
Academy Award winners

grammy nominations
Four Grammy Album Nominations

codie award winning software
Codie Award Winning Games

cannes film festival awards
Cannes Film Festival Winners



Valerie Landau is a multimedia and interaction designer. She is currently writing a book with Dr. Douglas Engelbart "Inventing the Future: Conversations with Dr. Douglas Engelbart" and has a patent pending with Dr. Engelbart.

Greg Landau is a music and video producer with four Grammy Nominations and several film and video awards. Greg Landau is also an educator and music historian. He produced over 40 CDs, film sound tracks, and videos.

Camilo Landau is an engineer and musician. He has composed several film scores as well as produced, engineered and played on over 15 albums.

Round World Media Partners

Film and Video

Haskel Wexler, Academy Award Winner

Michael Anderson, Academy Award Winner

Tomas Hernandez, TV Camera and Editing

Graphic Designers

Peter Marshutz, print and web art direction

Illusio Designs

Technical and Enginering

iMorph, Web Application Development

Juggernaut Technologies, Web Programming

Revolutionary Database, Engineering

Marketing and Branding

Future Catalyst, Branding and Marketing Experts

Writng and Graphic Recording

Visual Insight


Peru Blue, Grammy Nominee
Peru Blue, Nominated for Grammy Award

Silicon Valley Boomtown, on permenent exhibit at the Smithsonian
Silicon Valley Boomtown: 
Emmy Award TV program and on permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum


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