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Valerie Landau
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Portfolio Highlights

Valerie Landau is an inventor and learning specialist.

She began her career as Regional Director of the Literacy Campaign in Nicaragua where she worked with Brazilian educator Paulo Friere and then worked in public television on award-winning documentary programs including the Silicon Valley TV series which received numerous awards and is on permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution. She also worked for CBS 60 Minutes with investigative reporters Lowell Bergman and Harry Reasoner and for legendary singer Paul McCartney.

She was an educational game designer at Theatrix Interactive where she she worked on several games including Math Heads, winner of the SPA Codie Award Nomination for Best Consumer Creativity Software and the Platinum Award in the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio in 1996 and Word Heads, Parents Choice Gold Medal Award-winner.

After founding Round World Media her design projects included the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and WGBH Interactive on prototype for interactive television for called Enhanced Arthur as well as Mattel and The Learning Company.

She served as Supervisor of Instructional Development for the Foothill/DeAnza Community College District and founded the Multimedia Studies Program at Ohlone College. She was awarded the Online Pioneer Award at Ohlone College and worked with the California Virtual Campus to develop the book and online course Developing an Effective Online Course published by McGraw Hill Primus. She also co-authoredThe Engelbart Hypothesis: Dialogs with Douglas Engelbart.

Ms. Landau has filed two patents in recent years with Dr. Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the mouse. Ms. Landau received a Master's Degree from the Department of Instructional Technology, from San Francisco State University and a post-graduate Certificate of Advanced Study from the Department of Technology and Innovation from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. She was Assistant Professor of Multimedia Design at California State University, Monterey Bay.


California Virtual Campus

Developing an Effective Online Course
An online course distributed by the California Virtual Campus. Written by Valerie Landau

Developing an Effective Online Course

Developing an Effective Online Course Book published by McGraw Hill Primus. Available on Amazon. Written by Valerie Landau

Math Heads

Math Heads Game
Valerie Landau served as an educational game designer for the award-winning game Award-winning game Math Heads.

Word Heads Award

Word Heads
Valerie Landau was the lead designer for the educational prize-winning game Word Heads.

See It, Hear It, Do It: Flash 5

See it, Hear it, Do it: Flash 5 an Interactive Tutorial for Macromedia's Flash 5 written and produced by Valerie Landau.
Distributed by Peachpit Press.

Math Graphic

Britannica School
Valerie Landau managed the production of hundreds of graphics and animations to illustrate Math Study Guides.

Enhanced Arthur Interactive Video KTEH and CPB

Enhanced Arthur
Enhanced Arthur, Valerie served as an instructional designer for this prototype for interactive television for KTEH funded by CPB.

Engelbart and Landau with students

Valerie Landau has supervised several innovative Student Projects

linearregression calculator




Online Linear Regression Calculator
Valerie Landau designed and produced several interactive multimedia learning objects including an online linear regression calculator.

Chicken Made of Rags
The Chicken Made of Rags
Valerie served as Project Manager and Instructional Designer for accompanying teachers guide and workbook.

Silicon Valley: Boomtown
Silicon Valley PBS TV Series
On permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution



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